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Figaro cat in Pinocchio

Though Figaro started out as Gepetto the Toy-Maker's kitten in "Pinocchio," this cute little kitten proved to be a popular character. Figaro's first appearance outside of "Pinocchio" was in a commercial for war-bonds ("All Together" - 1942), after that he starred in the short film called "Figaro and Cleo" (1943) where he was being cared for by a large black woman whom we hear, but we only see her legs and feet called Mammy Twoshoes (Mammy also appeared in the Silly Symphony "Three Orphan Kittens" -1935). In this tale Figaro is hungry, but Mammy is angry at him for trying to eat Cleo (the same goldfish also from "Pinocchio"). Figaro's temperment changed considerably from "Pinocchio" to the shorts. He became meaner and much more cat-like.


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