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Cat Disease - Mycoplasma

Cat Disease - Mycoplasma

This is another bacterial infection common in catteries. It is transmitted in ocular discharges from infected cats. Cats that recover from a mycoplasma infection may become carriers.

Cat Symptoms

Symptoms are mainly ocular and consist of a mildly painful conjunctivitis in one or both eyes. Symptoms usually develop when kittens are about 3 or 4 weeks old. Mycoplasma infections may induce abortions in pregnant queens.

Cat Diagnosis

Diagnosis is made by examining conjunctival scrapings or cultures taken from affected cats.

Cat Treatment

As is the case with chlamydia infections, tetracyclines or their derivatives are the best treatment for chlamydial infections. These treatments last for 2 weeks. Tetracycline is static for this bacteria, e.g. it does not destroy bacteria cells; it impedes their ability to synthesize protein, thereby causing a slowing or stoppage of the bacteria’s replication. Thus a cat’s immune system must cooperate in warding off the infection.

Cat Prevention

There is no mycoplasma vaccine presently available, so good cattery hygiene and avoiding overcrowding in the cattery are vital.

Although the symptoms of upper-respiratory infections are similar, treatments of these diseases differ. If you suspect a problem with your cats, do not attempt treatment without first getting a confirmed diagnosis and treatment recommendations from your vet. Prevention, as always is the best medicine. Therefore, you should make vaccinations a routine part of your normal cattery hygiene.


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