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Cat Survives from Arrow Attack

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. - An animal abuse case in St. Johns County has investigators looking for answers. On Valentine's Day, a 4-year-old cat named Isabella was shot with an arrow. The arrow impaled both of the black and chocolate tabby's front legs."I heard a cat crying but I didn't realize it was her. When we got some lights on, it was her and I saw she had been shot by an (arrow)," said the cat's owner, Dana Usina.

Usina and her son Lucas said they are still shocked by the sight of the cat in their front yard on Saturday.

"As soon as I realized an arrow went through my cat, I freaked out," said Lucas Usina.

"He didn't even believe it had happened. He thought that she was laying on it, but it was unreal to see your cat shish kabobbed on your front porch," said Dana Usina.

With the help of a police officer, the Usinas clipped the arrow and pulled it out of the suffering cat. They said Isabella immediately got up and has been moving around fine ever since.

"She probably just moved a little bit and got shot in that arms and not through her, which is a good thing. It didn't hit any arteries or any muscles. She got up and ran away after we took the arrow out," said Lucas Usina.

The family gave police a description of a possible getaway car carrying the shooter. Still, no one has been arrested in the animal abuse case.

"Who would do that? Some really mean person?" Dana Usina said.

Police continue to follow leads in the case and hope to catch the culprit responsible for the cat's attack.


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