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Cat Abused:Nebraska couple appear in court

Photo: Shadow after being rescued by Lancaster
County Sheriff's deputies. She was reportedly dazed
but in good condition when she arrived at a
local humane society. Credit: Associated Press.

Schomaker Acea, the 20-year-old Nebraska man cited for animal cruelty offenses in March for allegedly putting a cat in a home made bong and allowing them to smoke marijuana, appeared in court for the second time today.

A hearing was the 30th Schomaker June for the hearing on whether his case will be brought to justice, according to Nebraska's COLOGNE / KGIN news. Schomaker the 22-year-old girlfriend, Marissa Vieux, including animal cruelty charges and appeared in court today. A 8 June jury trial date has been set for Vieux.

Both Vieux Schomaker and pleaded not guilty last month, and Schomaker, says he had no intention of harming the cat, a 6-month-old female named Shadow, by becoming marijuana.

Vieux says she adopted Shadow of friends who had abused them. Apparently the cat was traumatized with behavioral problems, Schomaker, and claimed that he only in the Bong to calm her. "Every time we made it fairly easy to clean and go and like a stoned person," he said.

Shadow was seized and the couple from a local humane society.


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