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cat of the month, Hanna..!!!

cat worlds - There are still many cats and kittens looking for good homes in the Animal Shelter and other Canyon County Boise area Humane Society shelter. Like the beautiful tourtoise shell calico, Hanna, older cats are harder to find adoptive parents for. Most people are distracted by all the cute little kittens available.

From my own experience of adopting shelter dogs, some older animals are the most loving. In the search for a new pet, please consider adopting an older cat of your local shelter. They are usually good for animals who had to be abandoned for one reason or another. Whether the family was forced to move to a new home where they are not allowed to keep pets, or perhaps someone in the family is allergic to cat dander. Sometimes the neglect of a family pet and having to housing is a painful decision for the family. Give an older displaced a house cat lover would be a wonderful thing to do and probably the family was forced to give up to feel better too.

Older cats make great pets for older people who want a loving companion animals that will sit in your lap and purr of a kitten rather rambunctious young people wishing to explore their surroundings and come in all sorts of mischief.

Remember, all cats are shelter and sterilization or neutered so you save money, for example, get a free kitten in an ad in the newspaper. At the moment there is no fee for adopting a pet from the shelter, so why not a cat? -Author: Sieglinde "Kitty" Scanlan :cat worlds


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