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Pet cat trapped, shot 27 times and survives

cat worldsThree-year-old silver tabby Sparky was shot after going missing from his house in Caernarfon. In a remarkable case of animal cruelty, a cat was shot 27 times with an air rifle, but survived. It was trapped in a cage and shot at point blank range, twice in the face, and the cat sill has some pellets lodged in its body.

The cat's owner found it and pulled five pellets from its body herself, and doctors have removed more. They don't know who did this to this poor animal.

THE relentless torture of a pet cat that was shot 27 times at point-blank range in the head and neck with an air rifle has outraged animal welfare authorities.

Possum, a two-year-old male domestic cat, somehow survived shocking cruelty after cowards trapped him in a cage about 9pm on Friday.

The gun was shoved in the animal’s face and mouth with two direct shots penetrating his tongue and lodging in his nasal cavity.

Police are investigating the violent attack on the cat, which will have surgery today to remove 15 remaining pellets.

Owner Jodi Mulley pulled out five of the pellets herself while seven other pellets that punctured the skin were not found.

It is believed the animal was caught in a cat trap somewhere at Portsmith and repeatedly shot with the slug gun. One lead pellet narrowly missed the cat’s jugular vein.

He said in 18 years working as a vet, he had never seen such a disturbing attack on an animal.


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